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Get Links by Making Content Compelling

June 2, 2013

The sorts of links that the search engines want you to get are the ones that you do not create yourself. They want other sites to freely and willingly link to you as they really like the compelling and unique content that is on your sites. You often hear about the ‘linkable asset’ – that is the content on the site is worthy to be linked to. What does it say about a site if the only links you can get to it are the ones that you create yourself.

In my spare time, I like to do some running, so I follow a few blogs and forums on running to keep uo-to-date. I recently came across this new site on research into running, running injury and running shoes. When I went to the site, I noticed names of some of the people leaving comments on posts. They were some well known names in the industry. I did some more digging. I noticed that a number of key people in the industry were tweeting about this site; and a lot of people were retweeting was was coming from this site. What does that say about the site? They did not have to do those tweets themselves; they did not pay for them to be done; they were made simply because of the content pf the site.

When you read the blogs posts on the site. They are compelling. They do no rehashed what is widely viable elsewhere. The blogger is original in what he says and obviously people want to know what he says. I notice the leading magazine in the running industry, Runners World, linked to his views on an issue! I notice that weekly podcasts and reviews include comments and links to the site. This is how it should be. The only websites that are created should be the ones that had real value to the web and attract real links as they are worth linking to.

If you were a search engine, is this the social media profile and backlink profile of a website that you would want to rank as you know its the sort of site the searchers actually do want in their search results. Learn a lesson from this site. This is how it should be done. This is how links are earned in the long term for success.